JTAA Basketball Championship Saturday
Come Early. Stay Late. Cheer All.
February 24, 2018
Jupiter Community Center
9:00 AM – 8:15 PM

JTAA Basketball requests all parents, children and other fans to come watch games even if your child is not playing in a championship game. If you have a child playing in a championship game, we ask that you come early to see the game scheduled before your game, and stay late to watch the game after your game.

Our goal is to the pack the bleachers for each game so our kids, who work so hard during the season, experience playing in front of a loud, and well behaved, packed stands. How fun would it be for our basketball players to experience this. We request your assistance in making it happen. Invite everyone you know!

Saturday’s Game Schedule:

9:00 -10:15 Boys 9
10:15-11:30 Boys 10
11:30-12:45 Girls 9-10
12:45-2:00 Girls 11-13
2:00-3:15 Boys 11
3:15-4:30 Boys 12
4:30-5:45 Boys 13
5:45-7:00 Boys 14
7:00-8:15 Boys 15-17

Be sure to stay for halftime as we may be giving away T-shirts for making half court shots!

Review the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Note: JTAA Basketball gives first priority in registration to residents of Jupiter and Tequesta. Resident living in other towns may register and play provided there are available spots on teams.

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to complete the JTAA Volunteer Registration, pass a JTAA background check, and wear a JTAA Basketball provided badge.

Please keep the facilities clean!

Please make sure to keep our facilities clean during and after your game.  We have great facilities for our players, lets work together so we can keep them that way!